Causes and consequences of the tragedy at a fireworks factory in Thailand

Causes and consequences of the tragedy at a fireworks factory in Thailand

On January 17, 2023, there was a powerful explosion at a fireworks factory in the Thai province of Suphanburi. According to preliminary data, at least 500 kilograms of pyrotechnic compositions were detonated. The shock wave completely destroyed the production shop and killed 23 people. Another 4 residential buildings located within a radius of 300 meters from the epicenter were seriously damaged. The debris was scattered up to 100 meters away.

Major General Kamthorn Auichareon, head of the Police Scientific Center for Crime Detection, inspected the site of the tragedy. He identified 22 explosion craters in the workshop area. The largest crater was 5 meters in diameter and 1 meter deep. Experts estimated that it could contain about half a ton of explosives. Apparently, it was the detonation of a large amount of pyrotechnics that caused the destruction.

Safety violations and uncontrolled activity

Authorities note that similar incidents at this facility have happened before. In November 2022, a fire with an explosion already occurred there. 1 person died, 3 others were injured. After the incident, the factory briefly stopped work, but soon resumed production of fireworks.

According to local residents, in 2021, the majority at the village meeting supported the opening of the factory. People hoped for jobs and additional income. However, the enterprise was never inspected and was not licensed by the Ministry of Industry. Apparently, the owner economized on safety equipment and ignored legal requirements. This ultimately led to the tragedy.

Helping the victims and tightening controls

The Thai government responded immediately to the emergency. The Ministry of Social Development confirmed the deaths of 23 people from 17 families. The victims were working in a factory and were hit by the shock wave and flying debris. The ministry will pay compensation to relatives and organize psychological assistance.

Children of the victims will receive full funding for their education until graduation. A special commission will assess the damage and determine the necessary support for the affected families.

Prime Minister promised to analyze the legislation and tighten control over manufacturers of fireworks. Small private enterprises will have to obtain a license from the Ministry of Industry and comply with all safety standards. This will help to avoid repetition of tragedies in the future.

These are the main causes and consequences of the fatal explosion of a fireworks factory in Thailand. The state and society should draw the right conclusions to save lives.

Author of the article: Ekaterina Antonova