Thai authorities have decided not to implement the tourist tax that was planned to start in 2024. This decision follows extensive discussions and protests from the tourism sector.


To stimulate the tourism industry, Thailand has increased the number of countries whose citizens can enter without a visa from 57 to 93. These measures aim to attract more travelers and enhance economic growth.


The Thai Meteorological Department announced that the rainy season officially began on May 20. This marks the start of a period when much of the country will experience regular rainfall.


When planning a vacation to Thailand in 2024, it is important to decide in advance what currency is best to take with you, in order to have the most comfortable time and not to face financial difficulties. Here are some tips to help you properly prepare for your trip.


Starting May 1, 2024, Thailand has implemented a new visa-free regime for Russian citizens. Russians can now enjoy a stay in the country for up to 60 days without the need for a visa, making travel even more convenient and appealing.


Tourism experts predict that the upcoming Songkran holiday will be a real test for Phuket's infrastructure. The resort island will welcome about 300,000 travelers between April 12 and 16.


An increase in the number of offenses committed by foreign nationals, as well as cases of illegal entry and concealment of the true purpose of stay have forced the Thai government to review immigration policy.


On the popular resort island of Phuket, a scandal is developing around car rentals run by foreigners. Locals complain of discrimination and hostile attitudes on the part of some companies.


Thailand is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. However, the recent announcement by the Royal Embassy in Wellington to increase visa fees for New Zealand citizens has raised fears of a possible tightening of visa requirements for other countries as well.


Thailand has launched an accident insurance program for tourists. It will cover medical expenses up to 500,000 baht and provides compensation for disability and death.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand has taken the initiative to extend visa-free travel for travelers from the US and Europe. The plan is to increase the share of long-haul tourist traffic to 30% of the kingdom's total tourist revenues by 2024.


The Thai authorities have decided to stimulate tourism by making VAT refunds more accessible to travelers. What has changed in the rules? How to get a tax refund now?