An unexpected guest on the road: how deer get on the main roads

An unexpected guest on the road: how deer get on the main roads

A car driver in Thailand was shocked when a wild deer rounded a corner on a highway in the suburbs of Bangkok and crashed into the side of his car. The driver, Vorapoj Saelim, told police that the deer ran off the roadside onto the 12-lane Borommaratchachonnani Road and hit the left side of his car.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the collision, but Vorapodzh's car was seriously damaged. According to the driver, he did not have time to notice the animal, but felt the blow and saw how the deer was thrown aside from the blow. Despite the fact that the driver tried to call for help from veterinarians to provide first aid to the injured animal, rescuers and police arrived at the scene and found the deer already dead on the side of the road.

Officials still cannot explain how the wild deer ended up on a busy road in the suburbs of the city. Perhaps this is due to the violation of the natural habitat of deer due to environmental problems, such as the destruction of forest areas or the relocation of animals to new territories in search of food and water.

This incident is a reminder that we must remain careful on the roads and respect the life of wild animals. Drivers should be vigilant and watch the road, especially in areas where there are signs warning of the possible presence of wild animals. Our actions can affect their survival and the future of our ecosystem.

Author of the article: Ekaterina Antonova