In the mysterious caves of Thailand, a unique species of snakes has been discovered, sparking interest among researchers worldwide.


In Thailand's Lopburi province, macaque crab-eating monkeys have become a real headache for local residents and authorities. These animals are aggressive, attacking people and taking away their belongings.


In the Thai province of Chiang Mai, a landmark farm has purchased a unique albino buffalo for a whopping 500,000 dollars.


Find out how Thai authorities are trying to solve the problem of aggressive macaques in the city of Lopburi, while balancing the safety of residents and a unique cultural tradition.


The glow over a mountain peak in a Thai national park caused a stir on social media. Many considered it a manifestation of a unique natural phenomenon - the northern lights.


Russia provides quotas for free education for Thai students. Applicants apply through the Education in Russia portal.


Thailand is a magical country that attracts many people from all over the world. But one of its most amazing wonders is the Thai language, the sound of which is amazingly melodious.


A legendary bout between Khalilov and Superlek at ONE Fight Night 12. They will meet in a battle for the win and show off their incredible skills.


AIS has unveiled Thailand's first autonomous drone with artificial intelligence, leveraging 5G capabilities for industrial applications.


Plai Sak Surin, an elephant from Sri Lanka, returns home after an injury. Victory for animal rights. The history of the return and struggle for the elephant.


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The risks of marijuana criminalization in Thailand and the consequences for the industry, medicine and society.