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Analysis of the Thai Chonburi province real estate market in 2024.


The demand of foreigners for real estate in Thailand shows rapid growth. The excitement is especially high in the segment of elite real estate in tourist cities.


Demand for luxury housing in Phuket is growing thanks to Russians. Developers are actively building new villas.


Experts see an increase in foreign buyers' activity in Thailand's real estate market in 2023 after a downturn due to the pandemic. There is an increase in the number of transactions and their value.


Analyzing the impact of visa abolition on the inflow of Chinese investors and demand for condominiums in Thailand


Thai Real Estate | Attractive factors - low cost of living, gourmet cuisine and hospitality - create the perfect environment for dreamers and investors.


Thailand remains an attractive real estate market for foreign buyers as sales in the apartment sector increased by 383%.


The popular Thai resort of Pattaya is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors, especially Russian and Chinese citizens, who want to buy property in an area with a beach and a swimming pool. 


Phuket, located in the south of Thailand, is becoming an increasingly attractive place for investors, in particular for Russian and Chinese. 


In the third quarter of 2022, Thailand saw an annual inflation-adjusted decline in house prices of 2.64%, after falling 2.25% in the previous quarter and 1.48% in the first quarter. On a three-month scale, there were no significant fluctuations in the cost of housing.


Bangkok remains the leader in the ranking of the most popular places among foreigners to purchase their own housing.


Opposition politicians fundamentally disagree with plans to grant foreigners the right to purchase land in Thailand.