The Thai government is actively exploring the possibility of legalizing casinos to attract more foreign investment and tourists. However, the initiative has raised public concerns about morality and rising crime rates.


Tesla, a pioneer in the electric vehicle industry, sees Thailand as a strategic platform to expand its presence in the Asian region. The company is in talks with the kingdom's authorities about the possibility of building a new manufacturing complex that will produce both electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries.


Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor has opened an electric car manufacturing plant in Thailand.


Thailand is taking measures to cut taxes on alcohol and entertainment to attract more tourists


In 2023, there are 9 new air carriers in Thailand. Passenger traffic is expected to reach the pre-pandemic level of 160 million by 2024.


Airports in Thailand, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian countries are expanding aggressively, expecting passenger traffic to double by 2030.


Thailand has made it mandatory to declare all foreign income remitted into the country. This will affect foreigners who have lived there for more than 180 days.


The Thai government has decided to reduce the prices of essential goods and services on a large scale. This measure is aimed at supporting the population and the country's economy in conditions of high inflation.


Isuzu has announced that it will start production of the D-Max electric pickup truck in Thailand by 2025.


AOT announced the launch of the 10-year Chiang Mai Airport expansion project.


China's largest battery manufacturers Eve and Sunwoda have agreed to set up production facilities in Thailand. This will accelerate the development of electric transportation in the region and help Thailand become a hub for battery production in Asia.


A Bangkok school has become a global leader among educational institutions. Its stock has risen sharply, attracting Chinese students.