In honor of Queen Suthida's birthday on June 3, zoos across Thailand offered free admission to children under 12. This event attracted many families and was part of the national celebrations.


In 2024, Thailand is taking new steps to step up the fight against foreign criminals to improve security and protect its citizens and tourists. The Government is introducing strict measures and campaigns to identify and deport those involved in criminal activities.


Thailand is facing an unprecedented challenge amid rapid climate change and increasing incidences of extreme heat. Scientists are sounding the alarm.


On the picturesque island of Koh Samui, law enforcement authorities conducted a large-scale operation to suppress the activities of an illegal cosmetic clinic. It turned out that under the guise of a beauty salon there was an illegal medical facility that was carrying out dangerous procedures without the relevant permits and licenses.


The rapid growth of cybercrime poses a serious threat to the financial security and well-being of Thai citizens. Recent data shows a sharp increase in online fraud schemes aimed at stealing funds under the guise of investment opportunities, loans or online trading.


Mass protests have erupted on the popular Thai island of Phuket after a Swiss national allegedly kicked a local woman. Hundreds of outraged people took to the streets demanding the expulsion of the foreigner from Thailand and free access to public beaches.


Concerned about chronic service problems at the main Suvarnabhumi airport, Thailand's prime minister has initiated an unprecedented plan to develop aviation infrastructure.


Thai Airways has entered into the largest agreement in its history with Boeing for the purchase of 45 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This will allow the airline to renew its fleet, open new flight destinations and meet the growing demand for air transportation in the Asia-Pacific region.


Phuket is faced with an influx of tourists and unprepared infrastructure. Prices have skyrocketed and the quality of services has fallen. How can the island maintain its status as a popular resort?


The Thai government has decided to retain the current ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages during daytime hours, motivated by concern for the health and safety of citizens.


Elevated levels of dangerous PM2.5 particles in Thailand's air have caused health problems for thousands of people. To protect the public, the government is introducing a number of measures.


Phuket police officers got on the trail of organizers of illegal gambling and conducted a raid, as a result of which 5 Russian citizens were detained in a villa. The investigation received strong evidence of illegal activity.