A high-profile scandal has erupted in the resort Phuket after two wealthy tourists from New Zealand went on a rampage and assaulted a police officer.


The incidence of dangerous dengue fever is rapidly increasing in Thailand. In January alone, more than 8,000 cases were recorded across the country. The epidemic covered mainly children and residents of the southern regions.


On January 17, 2023, a powerful explosion occurred at a fireworks factory in Thailand. 23 people were killed. The authorities will pay compensation to the families of the victims and tighten control over manufacturers of pyrotechnics.


Although all passengers were rescued, this event forced the island authorities to pay more attention to the safety of marine excursions.


Thai authorities have launched an investigation into the circumstances of the explosion at the fireworks factory.


Tragic death of a Russian citizen in Thailand: the police are investigating the circumstances of the fall of a 42-year-old man from the 8th floor of an elite residential complex in Pattaya.


Dramatic events unfolded on the morning of December 21 off the coast of Thailand. A passenger ferry was in distress because of the storm. But thanks to the quick actions of rescuers managed to evacuate all the people on board.


In Thai province, a local resident in a fit of rage stabbed to death his neighbors - a Canadian citizen and his wife. The tragedy was caused by a long-running parking lot dispute.


Investigation and detention in southern Thailand: Details of the case of embezzlement of billions of rubles


Thailand has detained an aggressive naked Russian tourist who attacked people in Pattaya.


Special police forces stormed a luxury villa after a long siege. Dozens of cars, a helipad, a zoo with tigers and poisonous snakes were found inside.


Death of two wild elephants due to an electric fence at a durian plantation in Thailand. Investigation and prospects for conflict resolution.