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Журналист Екатерина

Welcome to the page of Ekaterina Antonova, a journalist who has chosen Thailand as her home and is passionate about the diverse aspects of this amazing country.

Ekaterina Antonova's Education:


Ekaterina Antonova has a strong educational foundation that has enabled her to become a competent journalist:

Bachelor's Degree in Journalism: She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Journalism from a prestigious university in Russia. During her studies, Ekaterina actively participated in the student press, practically mastering her skills in article writing and interviewing.

Master of International Relations: After completing her Bachelor's degree, Ekaterina continued her education by obtaining a Master's degree in International Relations. This experience enriched her knowledge of global trends, which has been a valuable asset in her journalism career.



Thailand News: Catherine follows the latest developments in Thailand and provides readers with comprehensive information on politics, society and culture, building a clear understanding of what is happening in the country.

Thailand Vacation: A traveler at heart, Catherine explores Thailand's various vacation spots, from secluded beaches to picturesque mountain villages. Her recommendations help travelers find the best places for relaxation and adventure.

Real Estate in Thailand: With Thailand's growing popularity among potential emigrants, Catherine researches the real estate market and provides her readers with up-to-date information about living in Thailand, prospects for buying property and visa applications.

Thai Economy: As an economic expert, Catherine analyzes key events and trends affecting Thailand's economy, providing readers with unbiased reviews and analysis.