Tragedy at fireworks factory in Thailand: 23 people killed

Tragedy at fireworks factory in Thailand: 23 people killed

The explosion and its aftermath

On January 17 in the central province of Suphanburi, Thailand, there was a powerful explosion at a local fireworks factory. The incident occurred at about 15:00 local time near the village of Sala Khao, 95 km from the capital Bangkok.

Rescuers arriving at the scene found the factory's production facilities completely destroyed. No survivors were found among the wreckage. The governor of Suphanburi province reported 23 dead, citing a bomb disposal team. There were no casualties, he said. However, the health department had earlier said there were injured. The cause of the blast has not yet been determined.

Reaction of the authorities

The governor assured that the factory was operating legally and had all the necessary permits. The Prime Minister of Thailand, who was at the time at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, was informed about the incident. He expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and demanded a thorough investigation into the incident.

Police have cordoned off the area around the factory and will begin identifying bodies when the situation stabilizes. An estimated 20-30 people worked at the factory every day. Some nearby houses had their windows blown out by the blast wave, but no other destruction was reported in the neighborhood.

Similar incidents in the past

Unfortunately, this is far from the first tragic incident at fireworks factories in Thailand due to safety violations. In 2023, an explosion at a warehouse in Narathiwat province killed 10 people. The owners of the warehouse, who were negligent, were named as the culprits.

A year earlier, an explosion at another factory in Chiang Mai city injured 11 people. Statistics show that accidents, including fatalities, occur quite often in other industries in Thailand, especially in the construction sector, due to insufficient control over safety.

The tragedy has once again highlighted the serious problem of basic safety standards in some industries in Thailand. To prevent similar incidents in the future, it is necessary to strengthen government supervision and control over the situation at potentially hazardous factories, as well as to increase the responsibility of their managers for the life and health of workers.


Author of the article: Ekaterina Antonova