Tragic death of a Russian in Thailand: chronology of events and versions of the investigation

Tragic death of a Russian in Thailand: chronology of events and versions of the investigation

January 6, 2023 in the city of Pattaya, a popular resort in Thailand, there was a tragic accident, the victim of which was a 42-year-old Russian citizen Artem Pakmomo. The man died as a result of a fall from the 8th floor of an elite residential complex. The police are investigating the circumstances of the death of the Russian citizen and do not exclude the version of an accident.

Chronology of tragic events

According to Pattaya police, on the night of January 6 at about 2 a.m. police officers and rescue service received a report of a man falling from a height in the area of fashionable residential complex Kondo Villa on Jomtien Street, where the deceased lived.

Arriving at the scene, rescuers found the body of 42-year-old Artem Pakmomo. He was lying in the grass behind the condominium building, wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. A fall from the 8th floor resulted in the man's instant death.

According to condominium security guards, about an hour before the tragedy, Artem Pakmomo made a commotion at the entrance to the building. He tried to climb over the fence and escape, but the guard managed to detain him and escorted him to room 818, where the Russian was staying. A short time later and there was a rumble of a body falling.

Versions of what happened

The police found no signs of violence on the body of the Russian. The preliminary cause of death is called a fall from a height.

However, the strange behavior of Artem Pakmomo before his death makes the police allow the version of suicide. Perhaps the man was in a state of severe mental agitation or depression.

At the same time, the version of murder is completely ruled out. Investigators believe that Artem could have fallen out of the window accidentally in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication.

Pattaya police is conducting a thorough investigation. The personality of the deceased, his psychological profile, lifestyle, possible motives for suicide are being studied. The police have also requested additional information about the Russian from the Russian Embassy in Thailand.

The investigation is still in no hurry to make final conclusions about the causes of the tragedy that led to the death of a compatriot in Pattaya. However, it is clear that this is a heavy loss for the family and friends of Artem Pakmomo.

Author of the article: Ekaterina Antonova