Bangkok Voter Turnout: Voter Growth Exceeds Expectations

Bangkok Voter Turnout: Voter Growth Exceeds Expectations

Sunday brought a high voter turnout in Bangkok, surpassing the previous parliamentary elections held four years ago, when turnout was over 72%.

"Voter turnout this year is expected to exceed the results of the 2019 elections, when more than 72% of Bangkok voters cast their votes," said Khachit Chatchavani, permanent secretary of the Bangkok Municipality (BMA).

He also noted that unofficial voting results for Bangkok's 33 constituencies will be available by 10:00 pm on Sunday. Thanks were expressed to the more than 100,000 BMA officials who began work at 4 am on election day, as well as to the police sent to the polls.

The voting in Bangkok was reported to have proceeded largely without incident. A total of 6327 polling stations were opened in the city, and only two of them had some problems. One of them took place in Huai Kwang County, where an official accidentally ripped up a ballot paper. The second case was registered at a polling station in the Ming Buri region, where initially the votes cast for both single-member constituencies and party lists were placed in one box. Ballots were later separated by color—green for party lists and purple for single-member districts.

The government has reached out to voters who did not exercise their right to vote on Sunday and urged them to report and explain to electoral officials the reasons for their opt-out by May 21 in order to avoid losing their voting rights for two years under the electoral law.

Author of the article: Ekaterina Antonova