Accident in Thailand: Russian tourists injured in an accident

Accident in Thailand: Russian tourists injured in an accident

In Thailand, an accident occurred in which ten Russian tourists were injured. A minibus carrying tourists from Pattaya to Chanthaburi province crashed into a tree in Rayong province on Sukhumvit Road in the Kong Din sub-district of Klaeng district. As follows from the information, it was initially loaded by "winterers" who went on a tour for a visaran.

As a result of the accident, one tourist broke his leg, while others received various injuries. Tourists were briefly blocked in the bus, but local rescuers freed them pretty quickly. All Russians were taken to a local hospital. Police are contacting the families of Russian tourists in Pattaya to provide them with updates on the status of each victim.

Law enforcement agencies are considering two versions of the cause of the accident. According to the first version, the driver fell asleep at the wheel, while the driver himself claims that tourists who scared him with their screams became the cause of the accident. He says he was startled by a screaming tourist who thought he was asleep at the wheel, which led to him losing control of the minivan and causing the crash. Police are examining the driver's testimony with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Such cases occur quite often, and most of them are associated with a violation of traffic rules, and sometimes with the inexperience of the driver. But, despite all the precautions, no one is immune from accidents and incidents on the road. Therefore, before you go on a tour, you should make sure the qualifications of the driver and the condition of the transport.