Thailand, Laos and Myanmar team up to fight smog and PM2.5 dust

Thailand, Laos and Myanmar team up to fight smog and PM2.5 dust

Thailand, Laos and Myanmar are working together to find ways to deal with the severe smog and PM2.5 dust crisis that has gripped their border regions. The prime ministers of the three countries met to discuss the issue, and senior officials set a framework for a joint resolution of the crisis.

Forest fires are one of the main causes of smog, which negatively affects the lives of people in the northern provinces of Thailand, bordering Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Due to smog, PM2.5 dust penetrates deep into people's lungs, leading to chronic diseases such as lung and heart problems.

Thailand has set a safe level of PM2.5 at 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, much higher than the 12 micrograms/m3 recommended by the World Health Organization. Chiang Mai in northern Thailand was the most polluted city in the world on Friday, with PM2.5 levels of 299.9 µg/m3.

The cooperation between the three countries is aimed at laying the foundation for negotiations to develop cooperation in overcoming the environmental crisis, with the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs acting as the secretary of Thailand and the Department of Environmental Pollution Control as the central agency for coordinating implementation. This initiative is expected to mitigate the effects of smog and PM2.5 dust, thereby improving the lives of people in the affected regions.