Non-alcoholic elections: what you need to know before voting

Non-alcoholic elections: what you need to know before voting

Under section 147 of the Electoral Law, it is illegal to sell alcohol on Election Day in Thailand. Due to the upcoming early elections on Sunday, the Electoral Commission reminds restaurants and bars that the sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the entire election day.

It is also forbidden to sell alcohol from 18:00 on Saturday to 18:00 on Sunday, as well as from 18:00 on May 13 to 18:00 on May 14.

Although bars and restaurants may remain open during these days, they cannot sell alcohol. Violation of the law can result in a fine of 10,000 baht and up to six months in prison.

In addition, the Electoral Commission also provided a list of other election-related violations, including a ban on photographing a marked ballot or taking a ballot outside the precinct, receiving money or other benefits in exchange for voting for a candidate or not voting, and a ban on intentionally damaging ballots and betting on election results.

If you encounter violations of the electoral law, you can report it to the police or call the hotlines (191 and 1599).

Such rules aim to maintain order on Election Day by ensuring fair and transparent elections for all. At the same time, they can be inconvenient for businesses that depend on the sale of alcohol.

Despite all the difficulties, compliance with the electoral law must be a priority for all Thai citizens to ensure fair and fair elections.