Growth of tourist flow to Pattaya - plans for 2024

Growth of tourist flow to Pattaya - plans for 2024

Pattaya - one of the most popular resorts in Thailand - expects a significant increase in the number of tourists in 2024. According to local authorities' forecasts, the city will be visited by about 27 million guests, which is 4 million more than in 2023.

Successful recovery of the tourism industry

In the final months of 2023, Pattaya saw an impressive growth in tourist traffic. This was aided by the lifting of covid restrictions as well as extensive marketing campaigns to promote the destination. A huge number of both domestic and international travelers visited the city.

According to the head of the local office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the recovery of tourism has been successful due to the reputation of Pattaya as one of the best resorts in the country. Excellent beaches, developed infrastructure, a lot of entertainment and attractions are waiting for tourists here.

Prospects and plans for 2024

The authorities of Pattaya are sure that the success of 2023 is a good basis for further growth of tourism. The city has sufficient capacity to receive a large number of vacationers: there are more than 70,000 rooms in hotels of 3-5 stars level.

Plans for 2024 include large-scale promotional activities to attract tourists from Europe and the Middle East. In addition, the authorities intend to further develop tourist infrastructure to further increase the attractiveness of Pattaya for travelers from all over the world.

Author of the article: Ekaterina Antonova