Electoral Commission vows to release unofficial election results quickly

Electoral Commission vows to release unofficial election results quickly

The Electoral Commission, which has faced increased criticism over problems on Sunday's early voting day, confirmed on Wednesday that it will release the unofficial results of the May 14 nationwide election within hours.

However, officials delayed by one hour the announced release time of the unofficial results. On April 10, Commission Secretary General Sawang Boonmi said that unofficial results would be published by 10:00 pm. The announcement was made during a training course for journalists on election coverage.

Commission officials said today that the unofficial results will be published by 11:00 pm on May 14. The announcement was made at an event that showcased the commission's accountability system, from polling stations across the country to their national office, backed by the government's Big Data Institute.

Committees at each polling station will take photographs of the 5/18 form, which shows the unofficial results from their polling station, and then send them to the Electoral Commission's district offices for verification, commission officials said. The forms will then be sent to the national office and posted on the website, which will go live on 14 May.

Commission officials said the website is secure and can serve up to 1 million users per minute.