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Thai and foreign real estate purchase quota

What is Thai and foreign quota?

Buying a property in Thailand is not only a great choice to live and enjoy the "land of smiles" all year round, but also an investment with a sure return. Foreigners can not only buy up to 49% of condominiums in their own name, but also purchase real estate under the Thai quota.

A common misconception regarding such investments is that they are illiquid and long lasting; however, this is not the case, as they usually turn out to be more profitable.

According to Thai law, foreign nationals can only buy real estate in their own name through a foreign quota. Money for the purchase must be received from outside of Thailand.
Also, buying an apartment under the Thai quota does not mean that foreign nationals are not owners—they can still own and manage their apartment as long as they are its sole operator. In some projects where all foreign quota apartments have already been sold, buying a Thai quota apartment may be the only option.

How is the purchase of an apartment on the Thai quota?

If you want to buy an apartment on the Thai quota, you need to take certain steps.
  • First, a legal entity in Thailand must be registered. According to the laws of the Kingdom, a foreigner can only own 49% of the shares of a Thai enterprise, while the remaining 51% will be owned by Thai shareholders.
  • After putting the object into operation, it must be registered in the name of the Thai company in the land department.
  • Subsequently, a foreign citizen must become the owner of 49% of the shares.
  • In addition, 51% of the shares owned by a Thai citizen must be transferred to the Thai shareholders.
This process of buying real estate on a Thai quota has been worked out for years, and there is nothing to worry about if you contact a well-known and respected company that has been operating in this market for a long time. An apartment purchased under a quota cannot be legally seized due to Thai laws governing this matter.

What are the advantages of buying property on a Thai quota

Acquisition of real estate in Thailand under the quota system provides a number of advantages for foreign citizens, for example:
  • Lower prices compared to foreign ones and more flexible payment schedules.
  • In addition, investors can purchase an unlimited number of properties, since the documents will indicate the name of the company, not the individual. This means that no one in your home country will know that you own overseas property.
  • In addition, there is no need to present documents confirming the receipt of funds from abroad.

In general, buying an apartment on a Thai quota is a cost-effective solution, especially when it comes to buying several properties.