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Utilities in Thailand

How is the payment of utility bills in Thailand

Paying utility bills in Thailand is the responsibility of the property owner. The list of services is: maintenance of the complex, the cost of the Internet and television. The tenant is responsible for paying the water and electricity bills. Often, tenants pay the owner for the use of electricity and water upon departure. Then the owner pays the bills.

The amount of utility bills in Thailand depends on the following factors: the type of real estate, its area and location. Also, the amount of payment is affected by the package, the list of which includes a number of provided utilities.

Territory maintenance

The most expensive thing for the owner is to pay for the maintenance of the local area. The amount of payment depends on the area of the territory and the availability of infrastructure. The standard package of services provided includes: 24-hour security services, housekeeping services, pool maintenance services, as well as elevator maintenance and garbage collection services.

Also included in the package is a small home renovation. As a rule, the amount of expenses per month, including payment for the services of the management company, ranges from 0.5 to 1 dollar per 1 sq.m. The amount of the tax for the maintenance of the complex is assigned once every year.

Water and electricity

Payment for the use of water and electricity is made taking into account the readings of the meters.
In Thailand, electricity is expensive - for 1 kW / h you will have to pay 0.15 dollars. In a month, a consumer can “wind up” energy by $100. In the heat, people often use air conditioners, which are the cause of the greatest power consumption. With the wise use of technology, you can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bill. For example, a monthly fee for the use of energy in a room of 50 sq.m. can be from 30 to 60 dollars.

In living quarters, cold water always comes out of the tap. Residents use electric water heaters to heat it up. Electricity bills are always issued at the beginning of the month, based on consumption in the previous month. Payment must be made no later than 2 weeks after receipt. In case of delay, interest and penalties are charged.

A cubic meter in Thailand is called a unit and its average price is $1.06.

As a rule, the manager of the complex receives a deposit for several months. After that, the homeowner is provided with a report on the funds spent. In Thailand, you can pay your water and electricity bills at any supermarket.

Internet, TV and phone

Foreign citizens in Thailand prefer to use mobile communications. You can buy a SIM card from a mobile operator. You can also buy a SIM card in any supermarket. The cost of calls within the country is from 1 baht (in dollars it will be $0.03). The user can purchase a SIM card with Internet connection. The cost of fixed Internet will cost about $ 20 per month. As a rule, the Internet is paid immediately for 12 months at the provider's office, but you can also pay for services at the reception in the complex.

For cable TV in Thailand, you will have to pay about $10 per month. Payment for the service is also available through the provider or at the reception. In some complexes, the cost of TV is included in the payment for maintenance services.