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Issuing an FET certificate in Thailand

We will tell you how you can apply for a FET certificate in Thailand when buying real estate

If you want to buy property in Thailand, you need to open a Thai bank account. Once you receive a Foreign Exchange Transaction Certificate (FET) and prove that the money in your account has been legally converted from abroad, you will be able to register the apartment as your personal property.

To open an account, some banks may require a work permit, a long-term visa or a guarantee from a Thai citizen; however, this problem can be easily solved by changing banks—kasikorn bank and siam bank usually open accounts without problems even with only a 30-day stamp.

You can deposit money into a bank account in Thailand either using traveler's (travel) checks brought from another country, or by transfer from another foreign bank. All funds are converted into baht at the current rate of the Thai bank and can only be credited in this currency.

It is recommended that when transferring to an account, indicate the purpose of the transfer here, for example, "buying property in Thailand", so that it is easier to obtain a FET certificate. If you receive a transfer from abroad for more than $20,000, then obtaining a FET certificate is mandatory. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to withdraw such an amount of money, and you may also need to confirm the source of funds and pay taxes on them.